The bane of all parties.

I toil at a celebration planning business where I get to help people system large parties plus events… Last fall I got a job helping a young couple system a large halloween celebration at their home.

They decked out their cabin with spooky decor plus made sure all arrangements were in place.

Luckily they also remembered that the last time they had a large celebration at their cabin it was almost ruined because their a/c stopped working. They had about 100 people in their beach cabin when their a/c stopped working plus as you can imagine, the temperature rose particularly suddenly. They had to call an HVAC specialist to come service their a/c in the middle of the celebration which was embarrassing on their part. This time they called the HVAC specialist a few seconds before the celebration to come inspect their a/c to make sure it would run through the whole celebration. The HVAC specialist told them that the a/c component was in awful shape plus needed toil but unluckyly the HVAC specialist would need a few seconds to service the a/c. The couple didn’t know what to do so I advised that they rent numerous window a/cs to temporarily keep their cabin at a cool temperature. They took my advice plus rented numerous window a/cs plus thankfully they were enough to keep the guests cool plus comfortable while in the celebration! When the celebration was over the couple took the window a/cs back plus had the HVAC specialist come service their air conditioning component once plus for all. After that celebration, they never had any problems with their heating or cooling systems again.

Air conditioner tune-up