The bane of all parties.

I labor at a party planning company where I get to help people plan sizable parties plus events… Last fall I got a task helping a young couple plan a large halloween party at their home.

They decked out their up-to-date home with spooky decor plus made sure all arrangements were in venue.

Luckily they also remembered that the last time they had a sizable party at their up-to-date home it was almost ruined because their a/c stopped working. They had about 100 people in their up-to-date home when their a/c stopped working plus as you can imagine, the temperature rose legitimately swiftly. They had to call an Heating plus A/C specialist to come service their a/c in the middle of the party which was embarrassing on their part. This time they called the Heating plus A/C specialist a few hours before the party to come inspect their a/c to make sure it would run through the whole party. The Heating plus A/C specialist told them that the a/c device was in terrible shape plus needed labor however unfortunately the Heating plus A/C specialist would need a few hours to service the a/c. The couple didn’t know what to do so I proposed that they rent numerous window a/cs to temporarily keep their up-to-date home at a cool temperature. They took my advice plus rented numerous window a/cs plus thankfully they were enough to keep the guests cool plus comfortable during the party! When the party was over the couple took the window a/cs back plus had the Heating plus A/C specialist come service their A/C device once plus for all. After that party, they never had any issues with their heating or cooling systems again.