The bedroom has no HVAC

I dislike when I get stuck spending the night at my brothers. About once every many weeks my brother plus I go out to the bars, but every one of us don’t get-together too much, so all of us spend the night after a bar day; If all of us do the bars near my location, my brother crashes with me; Most of the time though, all of us go to his space plus I end up in his second room. My brother has an amazing house, large backyard plus a pool, the reason I dislike spending the night, is that his guest room has no access to HVAC, and when my brother got his HVAC equipment, he went with a ductless option. The ductless mini split came with 8 indoor air handlers plus temperature controls. The second room did not end up setting a single, but so anytime I spend the night, I have to deal with dire heat or cold. In the summer, my brother gets me a box fan if he thinks of it. This is not adequate cooling at all. I usually sweat to death the whole night. In the winter, my brother has a space oil furnace plus electric heated blanket in the study room. This works somewhat for heating, however it is not great, you also can’t certainly adjust the temperature control in the room. I have a guest room with access to my heating plus cooling system. It makes sense to always go to my location, however, my brother somehow ends up getting me to his space more though. It must be because he is the older sibling plus can bully me into it.

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