The benefits of air conditioning

Every single year I have one particular task that I enjoy to do with my family. I take my kids to the annual Christmas tree lighting in our historic downtown area. It’s fun for me because we always get tepid chocolate as well as set our little butts on a blanket visiting with our neighbors while we wait for the lighting ceremony all night long. Last year, however, the night didn’t go quite as we had planned. When we arrived down town, it was even colder than normal. I made sure the kids had extra layers of clothing on and we brought many blankets, as well as we made the choice to go to set up. About an hour and a half before they were set to light the tree, I began to think I was getting quite ill. I was shivering, as well as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last very long in the cold weather, so I had to take the kids lake beach house early. When we made it all the way back  home, I got the gas furnace running at full blast, as well as I decided to simply set up post and sleep on the couch so that I could be directly beneath an air vent. The old central gas furnace was enough to get me feeling a little better, but I also knew that I was actually coming down with some kind of sickness. I truly hated that the kids had to miss the tree lighting this year and it was my fault, but the only way we could have stuck it out would have realistically been if we had brought some sort of portable heater. Well, you’d better believe that next year, I’ll look ahead because that is a tradition that I don’t ever want them to have to miss again!

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