The benefits of radiant floor heating

My husband and I have been living in our house for 10 years. We bought this house when we first started dating and now that we’ve saved up some money we want to do some serious renovations to our home. A few things that I want to do is a kitchen renovation. The kitchen appliances and the flooring is all older. We want to install new wood floors to the kitchen and to the rest of the house. Our friends next door just installed radiant heating flooring. If we’re already installing new flooring, I’d rather kill two birds with one stone and get the radiant heating flooring installed at the same time. The type of radiant heating flooring that we want is an electric system. It’s one of the simpler installations where we would not need to buy a separate furnace so we will save money in that aspect. Not to mention radiant floor heating eliminates pipes freezing. I think what we are going to do is install the radiant heat system above the subfloor. There are a lot of benefits to this flooring, one of them being that you don’t have to use the air vents as much, and when it’s cold outside we can basically go barefoot on the floor. I have very bad allergies so also this type of heating eliminates dust dander and pet hair blowing around because it’s not coming out of an air register. I’m extremely excited to install this flooring and experience the difference that it is going to make in our renovated home.

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