The best gift that I got this Christmas was a space heater for my bedroom

I love the holidays. I am not going to lie, I love getting and giving gifts. I know that a lot of people say that they only like to give gifts, and I think that is totally noble of them, but if I’m honest, I love getting gifts almost as much as I love giving gifts. My husband knows how much I love getting gifts, so he makes Christmas an extra special holiday each year. He always goes way overboard on the gift giving. It is so special to me though. I am super glad that he does that. He saves up all year long in order to have extra money to spend on me for Christmas. This year, I got many gifts, but I think that my favorite gift of all was the space heater that my husband bought me. I have used it so much, and I absolutely love not having to be cold at night time anymore. I used to have trouble sleeping at night because our bedroom was so chilly. Now that I have a space heater, I don’t have to worry about that. My husband can basically sleep anywhere no matter what the temperature is, so I sometimes get the bedroom up to eighty degrees or more, and it doesn’t phase him. I am so glad that he does not mind the heat because I love having an extra warm bedroom. I told my husband the other day that my favorite gift this year was that space heater, and he did not believe me at first. I had to convince him that it truly was my favorite. I really do love that space heater.

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