The best money that I have spent

I have somehow been blessed/cursed with curly hair… I have gotten compliments all of my days about our hair, however people guess that curly hair is so much easier to deal with than straight hair, but I think it is fair to say that it is not easy.

  • My hair is borderline unmanageable.

If I did not have tons of products it my hair, it would literally look like a lion’s mane. I hardly ever try to do anything that fancy with our hair when it is Summer because our hair absolutely hates humidity. It just cannot mess around with it. It poofs out and looks just an afro and frizzes all of the sudden. I thought it was wise to invest some money into getting a few dehumidifiers for our house. Before I bought the dehumidifiers, I thought it was obvious just by walking around our house for a fifth or so if it was humid outside that day. My hair would just get larger in addition to larger. I do have an air conditioner, but our little air conditioner does not do well with cooling our entire apartment. I actually should get another air conditioner because I think that would help with humidity on top of that, but the several dehumidifiers were cheaper than getting 1 air conditioner, so I went with the more than one dehumidifiers. I have had them for about numerous weeks now, and they absolutely make a difference, however they do not make enough of a difference to make me content. It looks like I will be saving up for another air conditioner. Looking back on it now I was hoping that the dehumidifiers would job well enough, but they just do not. I should have just gotten the air conditioner in the first locale, however hindsight is 20/20.

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