The best part about waking up is my morning coffee

I never like to start the day without a cup of coffee.

I love my coffee with a strawberry or cheese danish.

I usually stop at the same little coffee shop on my way to work. Last week, I was really disappointed when I stopped. There was a sign on the front that said the place was closed until further notice. I knocked on the door, but no one came to answer. I called a couple of people in town to see if I could find out what was going on. I heard the place had some issues with the ductwork not being up to code. I decided to call the owner of the place to see if I could lend a hand. I work by day as an HVAC contractor. I have my own business and I do pretty well. The owner of the place was a little annoyed that someone told me about his business affairs, but he agreed to let me look at the place. The old building has a lot of problems, but I didn’t think all of the ductwork needed to be replaced. I told the owner that I could absolutely help get the place up to code and I would do all of the work for free. In return, I wanted free coffee and a danish every morning for the rest of my life. The owner thought it was a fabulous deal, since he was looking at a lot of ventilation and ductwork repairs. Secretly, I knew that I would be able to get my money back. This place has my favorite breakfast items. I would have done the work for any price just to keep my morning routine.


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