The best place to live for me

After nearly ten years of moving all over the country trying to find the place that truly felt like home I was able to find the perfect place for me. Now that I am getting older it has started to dawn on me that finding a place that feels like home has less to do with the actual place and more with who you are surrounded with. In this city I have been able to land a job that I truly love and the group of friends that I have made are fun, supportive, and always there for me. I am currently working as an HVAC repair tech for one of the most well renowned companies in the state. From the moment that I started working here I have been well respected and treated fairly, something I never got working as an HVAC repair tech anywhere else. Another added benefit of living in this city has been the climate. It never gets too hot, and never gets too cold. This has made the job of working with my hands doing physical labor for twelve hours a day much less difficult and keeping my positive energy going from the start of the week until the end is no longer a problem. I have also been able to find a partner that brings me joy and is a great addition to my life so that has helped me settle into my new home as well. Ten years ago when I first set out to find a new home I had little hopes that I would actually find a place to call my own, but thanks to my job, my friends, and my partner I think I have finally found it.


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