The best purchase I have made

I have been blessed/cursed with having curly hair, and i have gotten compliments all of our lives about our hair.

People think that curly hair is so much easier to deal with than straight hair, but I can say that it is not easy.

My hair is borderline unmanageable. If I did not have tons of products it our hair, it would literally look just like a lion’s mane. I hardly ever try to do anything special with our hair when it is summer time because our hair genuinely hates humidity. It just cannot deal with it. It poofs out looking just like an afro and frizzes uncontrollably. I decided to invest some currency into getting a couple of dehumidifiers for our house, then before I bought the dehumidifiers, I could tell just by taking a stroll in my cabin for an hour or so if it was humid outside that day. My hair would just get bigger plus bigger. I do have a/c installed, but my little a/c does not do well with cooling our entire apartment. I definitely should get another a/c because I guess that would help with humidity along with that, but the 2 dehumidifiers were cheaper than getting a single a/c, so I went with the 2 dehumidifiers. I have had them for about 3 weeks at the moment, plus they absolutely make a difference, but they do not make enough of a difference to make me happy. It looks adore I will be saving up for another a/c. I definitely was hoping that the dehumidifiers would work well enough, but they just do not. I should have just gotten the a/c in the first locale, but hindsight is always much better.

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