The best solution

In our current day and age, finding someone to date can be severely difficult even without the problems I have. Once I find a date worthy of my time, I am even worse at getting a second date. I guess it could be because of my hair, or maybe the way I talk. But usually it is because of the fact that I have an excess sweat problem. If I become even a bit heated up, I begin to sweat profusely. I’ve had multiple doctors attempt to treat it, however, they have not yet found a cure. Because of this issue of mine, I usually have first dates in my heavily air conditioned home. I have a powerful Heating and Air Conditioning system. I keep the temperature control turned quite lower than most people to avoid my sweat issues. One time however, my air conditioning actually broke right in the middle of a date. I had someone over that I was very attracted to and saw a lot of potential with. As we were sitting down for dinner I began to notice how hot it was getting inside. The awful timing was unbelievable! When I began to sense the sweat dripping down my cheeks, I tried explaining to him that I have a medical condition and my cooling system must have stopped working altogether. By the end of the date I was completely drenched in sweat. As you may have guessed, I did not get a second date. I had the cooling system fixed immediately, but it was already far too late to salvage that date. At least I can blame this failure on my Heating and Air Conditioning system! Maybe at this point I should just accept that I am better off without a partner.