The bigger HVAC machine

It has been at least two years since I went to an eye doctor to have our eyes checked up… I may have to go pretty soon, because I am noticing that our eyes are not what they used to be as I am getting older that’s for sure. I do remember the last time I went to an eye doctor, which was a decade ago during the start of the warm season. I remember it being undoubtedly tepid outside, plus when I walked into the eye doctor’s main office the air conditioning was blasting pretty hard! I can recall that the air conditioning made me recognize so nice plus that I just wanted to kneel there in that waiting room for a very long time just to take in the great feeling of the easily chilly plus refreshing air conditioning that office had! More often than not I can’t stand sitting around in any kind of doctor waiting rooms (doesn’t almost everyone?), but, in this case, I was legitimately over the moon to wait for 6 hours if I had to, just because that air conditioning was most likely the best air conditioning I have ever sat in during our entire life! It was undoubtedly one of those big and bulky industrial sized Heating & Air Conditioning systems, and all I knew, is that it was twenty times better than my own central heating plus cooling plan at home! It must cost commercial buildings thousands of dollars just to run any kind of air conditioning or heating. But as long as it gets the job done, I have a feeling that they can afford it. I suppose i’ll be calling our eye doctor again real soon, plus see if the heating and cooling is great when I visit!

HVAC component