The boiler’s historic charm

My hubby and I finally bought the house of our dreams, however for years, the two of us had been driving by this gorgeous car near our favorite stretch of beach, and many months ago, the house went up for sale, but due to the aging interiors, it was even cheaper than we expected it to be, then the extra room in our finances gave us the power to upgrade the heating! We live in the northeast, so central A/C isn’t a necessity! However, you need a central oil furnace to survive the long winters. While the house had an old boiler, the gas boiler unit was 33 years old–long overdue for a update, but we wanted to keep the original charm of our home, so we were hesitant about installing something new that would need an HVAC duct. Fortunately, our local HVAC corporation had the perfect solution with a condenser boiler. This type of heating and cooling equipment works just like our old gas boiler, only better. The new condenser boiler has an additional component that allows it to reclaim heat which would otherwise be lost, as well as it recycles it order to heat the water for our home…Warm water is less trying on our central heater. Not only was the condenser boiler simple to install, as it didn’t require to change out the pipes or the radiators at all, however it’s also more efficient. The less gas the new condenser boiler uses, the more cash the two of us save on our house heating bill.

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