The building needs good Surveillance

The zoo comes to life at night, and it is quite the phenomenon to witness! Hearing the animals at night is always a wild ride – no pun intended. The zoo has at least two hundred different species of wildlife from the ocean to the turf. Even though most of the animals are indoors at night, the zoo still sounds more like a wildlife excursion than a zoo full of sleeping animals. Even in the middle of the night, you can still hear lions roaring across the park! Last week, the zoo had some problems overnight as several animals were stolen out of their enclosures. Though we did not have any way to track the pets, we also did not have any video surveillance unit near the pet enclosures. With the theft of several monkeys, we resolved to have a local contractor install video surveillance equipment! The whole process took an entire week, as they only worked on the installation at night. This was intentional, and to keep people from knowing the secret spots where the cameras were mounted. The two of us placed tons of tiny cameras all over the entire Zoo, and now every single enclosure was protected by a video surveillance system that included two to three cameras. Along with that are motion detectors in areas that seem more prone to “kidnapping”.. Since none of these pets are out at night, any movement will be detected as a problem!

video surveillance installation