The cabin HVAC was not working

When my spouse & I decided to purchase a nice little home out in the woods, we were genuinely content with it… The only thing it needed was a nice HVAC system. It already came with a wood burning stove for heating & cooking purposes, however there was entirely no air conditioning inside of this cabin. We got it for a really fantastic deal though so we actually weren’t complaining. We figured that for the amount of money we saved in getting the place, we actually had enough money to get some sort of nice HVAC system. I actually wanted some other type of heating other than just the wood burning stove, because I didn’t want to be cutting wood all of the time, and so I contacted an HVAC corporation & they sent out an HVAC worker to evaluate our cabin. Since there was no ductwork, she said the best chance would be to go with a ductless mini-split HVAC system. She said that this would actually heat & cool the property efficiently & the price for this unit & installation would be good. We decided to go with the ductless mini-split plan & we couldn’t be more happy with it! We still use the wood burning stove, however we don’t have to rely on it for our heating needs. We are actually happy with the new ductless mini-split & I would actually request this type of unit for anyone who doesn’t have ductwork inside of their household, then even if you had ductwork, however it was destroyed, you could typically upgrade to a ductless mini-split system & you would be just fine.

ductless multi split