The Caribbean life

I really like watching this cool TV show called ‘The Caribbean life’. It’s basically about people who go house hunting for really nice homes in The Caribbean. Generally these people are trying to get away from their former boring lives in the country and just get out in the tropical paradise to live. I really love seeing all the beautiful homes that are available and I tend to be surprised at the prices of many of these homes. They are honestly comparable to homes in the country, yet they have ocean views and beautiful scenery at a lot of these properties. I’m always interested in the HVAC systems as well. Many of the nicer homes have fireplaces and cooling systems. Most of them don’t have central heating or furnaces because of the tropical climate. It’s basically warm all the time, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why people want to live out that way. No more having to deal with snow, ice, and dangerous driving conditions! Some of those places are way out there on the various islands though, way out in the jungle areas. The roads to some of these houses are a tad bit brutal. I know some of those I would not want to drive on. Some of those hills are really steep, but when you get to the actual property, there is the most beautiful view and the houses are so nice. I really do like some of those secluded homes as you get plenty of privacy and get to live in luxury. I think I would still want to have a furnace in those places, because if it ever did get nippy inside the night, I would want to be able to turn the furnace on to keep entirely warm.

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