The cash for the cars

My budget is super tight. Every month, I have to carefully list out all of my routine expenses, flag expenses that vary based on usage like utilities or groceries, & then be on the lookout for savings where I can find them. I used to just complain that some bills are going to be higher no matter what, but I’ve also found some major savings to help save myself some money now! Coincidentally enough, both of the major savings would come from restructuring my new car payments. That, and decreasing my vehicle insurance, also. And since this change alone has brought hundreds of dollars to me in discretionary income to my meager budget! And so I’ve finally decided to reach out to my former heating & air conditioner repair providers & beginning a new repair plan; I used to contract with them to have a repair method for my Heating & A/C plan when I first moved into my home, but the growing pile of bills I was accumulating meant I had to beginning eliminating all non-essential costs. One of those costs was the Heating & A/C repair plan! But now I can finally afford to have this repair plan again, and I have no doubt that my HVAC system will thank me! In the years since I abandoned my former plan, my home’s heating & air conditioner units have been slowly deteriorating away. And now, neither plan can seem to keep my home reasonably cooled or warmed in the really hot and cold times of the year. And to make matters even worse, the air quality inside my home has suffered. I now constantly smell this faint stink that just comes off as stale & unpleasant. I’m hoping that the same heating & A/C worker is still working for the repair supplier I used to employ. That guy was incredibly smart and very friendly. I can’t wait to see the changes brought to my HVAC system by having this method again!

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