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If you’re starting a modern house from the foundation up, one of the most important steps needed throughout the planning process is what type of HVAC system is correct for you. Unlike other major household systems, the heating and a/c unit must be decided first and foremost. As allowances for air ducts will need to be made, there are incredible modern advances in furnaces and AC units this year, not every type is right for every new house. Any heat pump can be incredibly energy efficient, but is not a superb fit for a big family house. If you’re wanting to build a small condo or even a tiny home, a ductless heating pump can be an incredibly energy efficient solution, the heat pump works as a heating and cooling system by taking in tepid or cold air from the outdoors as needed. This way is much easier on the environment and can be made without air duct. That being said, a ductless mini cut unit can only heat a certain amount of square feet. A gas furnace with air duct can transfer heat all throughout the apartment well by burning a certain type of fuel. Either oil or gas or generated through electricity. Construction workers can use the same air duct to run central a/c. Unlike a ductless unit, which comes in set designs, a gas furnace can be made to accommodate any size house or condo by customizing the HVAC air ducts. Including a humidifier or an air cleaner for the whole house. However, air ducts can take up space in the design, and requires more monthly service. Heated floors may be the last option for apartment builders, but they are a single of the most extravagant on the market this year. The best way to choose which type of HVAC is right for your apartment is to do the research with your local HVAC dealer.