The clogged cooling device

The worst hotel room I was in was when I did a tropical getaway with my whole family, however four of us had to cram into the smallest hotel room known to man. The room had to be the size of one normal kitchen. The more than three of us kept tripping over one another. The one bed also came out a little too far into the walkway, however dodging the bags as well as shoes were tough. But then you would hit the end of the bed as well as just about split your leg. The worst was how tepid the room was. The air conditioning system for the hotel was on the floor of the room behind a plant. There was nowhere to put the plant either, we were just screwed. Not only was the A/C too small for the room size, however the plant clogged the airflow. Also having A/C at the floor level is just stupid. The cold air naturally stays there anyway. That is why ductless A/C units are consistently set up high on the wall. Anytime one of us got tepid in the hotel we would stand on the dirty floor to love some cooling! You could not stand too close since the A/C peed all afternoon long. A puddle of water surrounded the cooling component as well as seeped into the rug. It was literally the worst cooling situation I have ever been in. After that whole experience my family as well as I have stayed at more costly hotels. It is worth the money to be able to walk around as well as have quality cooling. Especially it is worth having nice A/C in the tropics.

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