The coils should be cleaner

When the oil furnace repeatedly kicked on, despite the apartment already feeling overheated, I had no idea what part of the system was to blame. I first noticed that the heating system was cycling more frequently because of the unpleasant temperature change. I’d switch from shivering to dripping with sweat within a few hours. Thinking the oil furnace required a bit of upkeep, I replaced the filter, cleaned the vents, in addition to looking for faulty connections in addition to dusting the burner assembly.  I finally went online for issues others have had looking for advice and guidance, in my search I had found all sorts of potential concerns with the temperature control. Thermostats handle the communication with the oil furnace, making them crucial to operation. However, temperature controls are sensitive to dust buildup, external temperature concerns, in addition to even difficulties with wiring. I started by switching out the battery in the temperature control. Even though the display was lighting up still, I figured the batteries could be old in addition to not functioning properly.  When this didn’t solve the oil furnace malfunction, I decided to scrub the temperature control. I removed the cover plate, wiped all of the surfaces carefully, including the bimetallic coil. Still having no luck, I finally hired an HVAC technician for oil furnace repair. The technician discovered that the wiring of the temperature control was responsible for the problem. Tightening up the wires took him less than five minutes. Of course, I still needed to pay a flat fee for the repair call, which in my opinion was well overpriced. While he was there, the specialist went ahead and cleaned, tuned up and did any type of diagnoses for the entire oil furnace to promote more reliable and efficient operation. From now on, I promised myself I will take better care of the temperature control.