The company charged us a fee for the mileage he had to drive

When our fiance & I were remodeling the study room in our home, the people I was with and I hired a company to install radiant heated flooring! My fiance had his heart set on radiant heated flooring for the study room, study room, & master study room.

I knew it was going to be luxurious to install the radiant heated flooring, but the people I was with and I were remodeling & it was the best time to install the heated flooring components.

My fiance & I talked to multiple Heating & A/C companys in our region! Both of us got estimates from a couple of different people, however after the people I was with and I chose the company for our task, the people I was with and I set up a date & time for the replacement service. I wanted to be sure that the plumbing company would be finished with the rest of the room, so I waited 1 month to schedule the service with the Heating & A/C company, when I called the company to confirm our appointment for Monday, the guy told myself and others that he was going to add a fee for the mileage he had to drive. I was completely surprised & a little upset when the company gave myself and others the news. My fiance & I decided not to argue or complain, but the people I was with and I left a review online for the company with all of the information about his fees for mileage. I guess the company wanted to complete the work when I called him last week, because he didn’t seem ecstatic that I waited a month to call him back. I’m sure that’s why he decided to charge myself and others an extra fee for the 60 mile drive from his Workshop to our house.

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