The company mascot doesn't like being indoors

Some of us had to obtain feral cats when we moved into the new facility down by the dock.

  • The cats would be natural to terms for rodents and help to exterminate any problem in the facility.

Both of us had this problem with mice and the complications would be settled by purchasing some cats. They were extremely effective in addition to a mascot of our work. Unfortunately, it was and easily strenuous decision when we had to figure out where to place those cats when the company shut down for this virus. Know a single person one said to give the cats up, but they were unaccustomed to being indoors. Every one of us started a bottle by taking them back to our place. As soon as the heating, ventilation, in addition to air conditioner comes on, the cat start running around the house like crazy. I’m not sure if it’s the sound of the air going through the vent or the icy Breeze that is blowing around. All of the AC method noises seem to freak out the cats. They are equally Disturbed in all rooms of the house. They have been panicking and tearing up all of the couch with fear. Every one of us hope that this shelter in place order is going to be done soon, so we can take the cat’s back to the dock where they belong. There will be less blood, fur, in addition to bad scratches if we do things like that. We could even find the carts really prefer to be alone outside.


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