The condition on my home

Last December, I was invited to a wedding shower at a costly, boutique eating foundation downtown.  The evening of the shower, the weather was super cold, with the temperature decreasing to twenty-one degrees mixed with snow.  In view of the area of the eating foundation, I was required to park numerous blocks away. I then trudged through the ice and snow, adorning high heels, carrying a truly heavy blessing.  Before reaching the eating foundation, I was cold, wet and despondent. I hoped to get my coat off, increase warmth and acquire a drink. Sadly, the eating establishment was only somewhat warmer than the air outside.  Someone had chosen to start a fire in the chimney rather than simply adjust the temperature control. They did not think to open the flue, hence smoke filled the area. The smoke was so thick to the point where the greater part of shower visitors were hacking and whining of cerebral aches.  The manager of the eating foundation decided to open most of the windows to bring fresh air in and to hasten the smoke dissipation. They disliked running the heating system and losing a fortune because of wasted energy. The only heat was from the fire in the chimney, so the vast majority of people crowded around it.  I continued with my coat on, found a seat at the bar, and sipped humongous glass of wine. The shower was a repulsive event, and I could endure it no longer. With no present heating plan operating, the location was never justly warm. My clothes reeked of smoke and my shoes were hardly dry the whole time. I left quickly, scurried back to the car, and adjusted the heater.    

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