The cooling water gives you

Wading through a creek in the middle of summertime is pure happiness.  The cooling it gives to a hot tired body is not only cooling relief but rejuvenating as well.  The feeling of the cold water on your feet can actually relax your whole body. I still think of that day when my truck broke down on the side of the road in 90 degree heat.  I found that creek by the side of the road and it was the only thing that made the time I had to wait for the tow truck tolerable. I get that same feeling when I walk into my house.  The HVAC cooling air is a godsend. Air conditioning is worth its weight in gold when it feels like a furnace outside. To feel the cooling air waft down from the air ducts in the ceiling takes me right back to that cooling water of the creek.  Relying on the cooling relief of a/c can get taken for granted. I learned that the hard way as I stood there thinking what an idiot I was for not having the HVAC specialist come out and tune up my air conditioner for the summer. I also tried to conjure that cooling image of the creek but it wasn’t working.  The heat in the house started to build quickly when my air conditioner broke down. I was taken back to the side of the road and that day in the sweltering heat. I waited by the window for the HVAC van and ran to the door when they finally arrived. I told him I needed my “creek cooling” and my broken air conditioner fixed as quickly as possible.  He just looked at me like I was crazy and got to work.