The culture of Austin Texas

If you are interested in history, you probably watch the HIstory Channel.  You might be fascinated with Austin, TX because of its history. Austin is full of stories and historical sites.  The history of the city goes way back to the earliest times of the country. Maybe you come from a German descent? You should check out the German-Texan Heritage Society. McKinney Falls State Park is a great place for the history buff to explore.  There’s also plenty to do for the flower-enthusiast, fitness enthusiast, and swimmer. The Lyndon B Johnson Museum and the Bullock Museum allow visitors to discover a great deal about the great state of TX. President Johnson was born in Texas, as well as several other presidents. The TX State Capitol on Congress is a popular  field trip for surrounding schools in the greater Austin area. And that is partly because the building is super tall and really gorgeous. The governor’s office is situated there, as are the TX House and Senate. The ship known as the USS TX is a great stop on your tour of Austin. It was the first US Navy ship to be transformed into a museum. It allows you to see some close quarters and get a feel for what life was like for Navy sailors far from home during wartime. There’s also Fort Davis, which is a humbling experience. There is so much stuff to  see and do in Austin. History buffs will not be disappointed. They won’t ever run out of places to go, things to learn, and activities.

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