The customer wasn’t going to be satisfied

It can be extremely difficult to please every customer, but I absolutely do my best to try.

I’ve been working in the heating and air conditioning business for a long time and I have dealt with thousands of customers.

Every person is different, and I have handled a ton of odd situations. Sometimes it is impossible to make someone happy. I was working on a routine furnace repair last winter and I had a customer that was terribly unhappy. The customer was unhappy when he found out that we did not offer a free repair estimate. The customer was unhappy when I told him that the repair was going to cost $350. The customer tried to get me to lower the price. I gave the guy a 10% discount to lower the bill to $315. The guy agreed to pay the fees and I began to repair the furnace problems. Halfway through the furnace repair, the guy tried to approach me. He wanted to discuss the price. I tried to tell the guy that I couldn’t discuss the bill while I was working on the repair. When I finished with the job, the guy tried to argue about the final charge. I told the guy that we agreed on $315 and he wanted me to lower the price to a more reasonable amount. I called my boss on the phone and I gave him all of the details. My boss told me not to argue with the customer. If he didn’t want to pay the bill, my boss would send him an invoice in the mail.

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