The decision is all set, and there is none

Ever since I was a kid, our future path has been set out for me; My Grandfather was in the Marines and our dad was in the Marines, however they both talked about the experience like it was the best time of their life… I have seen a hundred unusual films about the Army, Navy, and Marines.

It never looks like the time of our life! Ever since all of us had a work morning at our school, I have been thinking about attending technical school instead of joining the Marines.

I think our mom and dad will be devastated, because they know our future is a done deal. I have told them a dozen times that I do not know the military is the right choice for me. They do not care or they do not listen. I would like to work with our hands, and lately I have been thinking about pursuing a work in the heating and A/C industry. The heating and A/C industry is a single of the fastest-growing work fields. Most people who graduate from a certified technical school can find employment immediately after finishing the program. I learn some information about the classes, tuition, and fees. I even drove over to the technical school to get more information about the heating and A/C specialist program. My family is getting together for our sister’s birthday next weekend, and I know I’m going to drop the bomb then… Since it will be a party, I’m hoping they will not be able to scream and yell. I do not want them to be disappointed, but I have already decided that our future is in the heating and A/C industry.

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