The demand for better air quality

The economy was not doing so hot before, but this pandemic has really hurt a lot of people.

I consider myself fortunate that my family and I are still doing well, both financially and health-wise.

But I know a lot of folks that are so hungry for a job they will do damn near anything for minimum wage. I try to pay my people as well as I can down at the shop, but I can only do so much. The woman who runs my office 20 hours a week as a master’s degree in finance and accounting, for crying out loud. And here she is fielding phone calls for my little HVAC company. The whole reason I got into this line of work is that I saw my whole life how dependent people were on their air conditioners. A person might get ticked off when the heating goes out, and then they call for a repair tech to come fix it. But when the air conditioning dies, people get insanely mad, as if AC is a birthright. This made me realize that there will always be a market for HVAC work, because people have come to rely on it. It turns out I was right, and people really do get that nuts about their cooling system. The pandemic really bumped my business up another notch, though, because now people are finally thinking about their indoor air quality. Now that folks understand that a good high quality air filter and clean air ducts matter, my phone has been ringing nonstop.