The difference in the settings

My friend Sarah does nothing but complain lately. This is a regular occurrence every summer when the temperature starts to heat up and humidity levels get higher. I’ll even try avoiding speaking with her because I am simply exhausted by hearing about her problems. If I happen to see her at the mall, I’ll dart into the next store to avoid hearing about how much she’s been sweating the past few weeks. Sarah and her boyfriend live in an older house that has no form of air conditioning. I really don’t know why but it just can’t be installed in their home. Sarah told me that they have a boiler and baseboard heating, so their home has no space for ductwork. A few months ago I was praying that the situation would be remedied when they finally bought a window unit for their room, but unfortunately I was wrong. Sarah then started to complain that the noise of the unit as well as her boyfriend’s snoring were keeping her up at night. However, she admitted that the cold air was wonderful even though she had to lay awake most nights because she couldn’t concentrate on sleeping. I gave her the recommendation to contact a local HVAC business to see what solutions they could offer them. Surely, there has to be some sort of technology on the market that runs quietly in addition to working efficiently in older houses. I don’t know what to tell her about her boyfriend’s snoring, though. I hope she takes the advice I gave and can find a great HVAC unit that’s suitable for their home.

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