The dog bite lawyers are going at each other like dogs

My dog happens to be the sweetest pit bull you have ever seen in your life.

I suppose that the mass mainstream media enjoys painting pit bulls as being evil, aggressive dogs, but that is the fault of the owners plus not the animals! They raise these gentle, sweet dogs to be mean plus nasty, but that is not their nature in the least.

Just the other week my dog got into it with another dog, plus although it was 100% the other dog’s fault I am being blamed just because my dog happens to be a pit bull. The other woman hired a costly personal injury lawyer plus is suing me for everything I have! The next day I received a call from another local personal injury lawyer, who also happens to specialize in dog attack law. It turns out she plus that costly dog bite lawyer from the day before went to law college together, plus have been rivals ever since that time… When she heard that other woman bragging about her “slam dunk” dog bite lawsuit, she contacted me to file a countersuit. She wanted an opportunity to take on her old personal injury lawyer rival in a court of law, plus show her who was the finest attorney. I was concerned about getting involved in a personal feud between two lawyers, but on the other hand that costly dog bite lawyer was coming after me one way or the other, at least this way someone was fighting hard for my side! After all this is over, if I never see another deposition, or another personal injury lawyer again it will easily be too soon.


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