The dog fur ruining the HVAC

For a long time now I had been trying to get Marcus to transfer in with me. The issue was that Marcus had a pup and the pup was not welcome in our home. I finally caved and let the pup transfer in with Marcus. I do not like the pup as much as I thought. No only does he woof all evening, need way too much attention and drool, but the fur is ridiculous. The dog sheds fur like a molting snake. The fur gets all over the cabinets, counters and our clothing. What is disappointing is that our Heating as well as A/C is starting to rebel against the hair. I used to use special HEPA filters that caught even more debris than the regular air filter. My air quality was fresher and nicer with those. The air filter spots are half the size. Well, with the small holes, the air filter jams with hair in a day. I finally had to get a typical air filter so I did not have to upgrade it so often. I still need a new air filter in the device every 3 weeks. It should be able to go for a week. The pup loses fur so much that I can’t. I also seen the inner workings of the Heating as well as A/C have been having issues. Some fur has gotten into the unit. It runs sluggishly now and can barely provide climate control. I am going to have to get a Heating as well as A/C corporation to get rid of it.

HEPA filter