The dogs like it warmer.

There are four people in my daughter’s house.  There are six if you count the dogs. They are the proud people that belong to two blue nosed pitbulls.  If I had met these two dogs before I heard the bad rap that pitbulls have, I would have laughed. I have never met such scaredy-cats in my entire life.  If someone comes to the door, they cower and shake. It isn’t until they realize they know you, that they even attempt to come out of hiding. Then they just want to lick you till you are ready to yell or laugh till you pee.  They have two big fears that are just as laughable as their fear of people. First they are afraid of the mop. If you sweep or scrub in front of them, they bark at the mop. They think it is going to eat them. They will run and hide in their kennels.  The other thing that scares them, is rain or snow. They refuse to go outside if they are going to get their feet wet. They look like the old ladies of yesterday when they would tiptoe and try to dodge any mud or wetness. They will then dart right for the air vent when they get inside.  I was babysitting my granddaughters the other day. I let the dogs in and when they didn’t feel any heating coming from the air vents, they came over and yanked on my shirt. They led me right to the thermostat. They then stood and watched as I upped the thermostat, and I swear I heard them sigh when they felt the heat coming from the air vent.,

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