The Ductless Mini Split System Was Perfect For The Sunroom

My parents built a new house that came with their choice of a sunroom or a screened in porch.

  • After going back and forth for what felt like forever, they decided to build the sunroom because they felt like they’d get more use out of the space.

They also thought it would be easier and cheaper to build a deck in the future if they wanted. After moving in over a year ago, I can honestly say that this was a mistake because they never use the sunroom. The sunroom is fully furnished, but it sits empty because the temperature is never right. It’s either too cold in the winter or it’s too hot in the summer. I hate that my parents never enjoy the sunroom, so I decided to do something nice and help the situation. For Christmas, I bought them a ductless mini split system because I’d heard that they were the best for spaces like sunrooms. The ductless mini split system was a thin, rectangle that mounted to the wall. With a small remote, my parents could control the temperature and also turn the ductless mini split system on and off. The device could heat or cool the sunroom without connecting to their ductwork, which made it efficient and stress free. The installation was simple, so my dad was able to do it himself. After the ductless mini split system was installed, my parents could enjoy the sunroom all year round because they could control the heat and air without disturbing the rest of their HVAC system. I’m really glad they’re happy and able to utilize the space again!


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