The ducts look horrible

I am self-explanatory when it comes to technology! I absolutely don’t like to upgrade and get with the times. I still have my first flip cell phone. It gets the job done, never needs upgrades, and refuses to break. I still own a MP3 player rather than an iPod–the little player keeps a charge for hours and never has an issue. I also have kept the same gas heater and AC equipment in my condo since I have moved in. I have a basic forced air heating and AC unit. It provides both heating and cooling. I control which one and how much through a dial temperature control. The temperature control is a basic turning wheel that I adjust to get the temperature I want. I have it set at 60 in the Summer. If the weather gets hot and indoors gets warm, the AC automatically turns on. In the Wintertime I go for 65. If the outdoor air temperatures drop, the oil furnace automatically turns on… I don’t have to mess with telling the system when to do heating or cooling–it just does it. I set my temperature control only two times a year, then I leave it alone. I have heard about smart thermostats. They just sound like a pain to myself and others though. The smart climate control requires a yearly program. It also wants times, zones and mornings set for the temperature control program. I refuse to put in that much work… Also, it runs on WIFI. If you lose internet or power, no climate control for you. My dial temperature control never stops doing its job and requires nothing from me.

temperature control system