The ductwork had what in it?

We noticed that there had been an odd sound coming from ductwork.

  • I was anxious that something could be in the ductwork that would cause a blockage which might destroy the Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company plus told them what I was hearing. They asked if I had seen any sign of mice in the house. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed much of anything lately. I had been putting in a lot of long days at work. I didn’t even guess where the pet had disappeared to lately. Her food dish was still full, although she had to have been eating something, because she was getting fat. I told the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech that I didn’t remember seeing any mice, but our pet was getting fatter. He laughed plus told myself and others he would send a crew of professional Heating plus Air Conditioning ductwork cleaners to our home. Two days later, I had a crew of Heating plus Air Conditioning techs sitting around with what looked love industrial vacuum cleaners. As soon as they examined the ductwork for cracks and/or holes, they told myself and others they would disinfect the ductwork plus then repair the holes that could allow small critters to get into the ductwork. While examining the ductwork, a single of the Heating plus Air Conditioning techs brought a box to me. He asked myself and others when was the last time I had seen our cat? He handed myself and others the box that had many tiny kittens that didn’t have their eyes open. My pet had given birth near the hole so she could have heat for her babies. I found her a condo near the basement air vent.