The electricity bills are raising

As a local real estate agent in a big city, I’ve helped many people get into their new dream homes, or possibly their first home.  Or maybe that sale of mine might have even been an investment for a retiree. Now, I’m gratified to say, that it is my time to an investment of my own.  I showed this older duplex to some prospective buyers a few weeks ago, however they took a pass… The people I was with and I continued on the hunt. However, I could not get my mind off of that duplex that I showed, so I finally started the research to make it mine.  Now, a few months later, the inspections have gone well, plus my mortgage is almost finalized. Soon I’ll be ready to go to work and start renovating some areas of the building. First off, the duplex has window AC units, which appear to be leaking. I plan to replace them with a ductless mini-split heating and AC method for our new, older duplex! A ductless mini-split is a cost-efficient way to replace inefficient window units with a. heating and AC method that will supply excellent heating and cooling, and I won’t have to add any HVAC ducts to the duplex.  The ductless mini-split method installs simply as well unobtrusively to the wall of a building without any ductwork. This HVAC equipment will allow the separate tenants to each have a temperature control, separate from the other unit. I will have to replace some wood, a few windows, install the ductless mini-split heating and AC unit, plus then I’ll be ready to choose my paint. I cannot wait to be a property owner!

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