The entire facility

My little girl is really special to me and I’ll never let her go. I’ve never been so obsessed with anything in my life, and I will never be able to calm down about her. Every day I love her more and more and in my life, she is the queen. I spare no expense when it comes to her true comfort or her appearance.  When my groomer retired I desperately needed to find someone else I could trust to make my little angel completely look perfect & this was no easy task. Not only do I worry about the nature of the people who would be touching her, but I have some environmental qualifications as well. Secondly, I need a place that was tested correctly for health problems & also had a quality Heating & Air Conditioning idea in place because I wanted my baby to be safe & comfortable throughout the entire time she was there. She was used to always being in the comfort of my apartment with the heat or a/c up and running all the time. When I had been to my third place I had almost given up on finding a groomer.  The groomer introduced herself & then reached down at some point to play with my cat. It was then that I noticed the mini-cut component hanging right in front of me on the wall. I asked about the Heating & Air Conditioning component sitting there & the groomer told myself and others that each room in their whole facility had its own component so that the cats would be comfortable all the time while they were there being groomed. I decided right then & there that I had definitely found the perfect site.

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