The experiences I’ve had as a general contractor

Working for a general contractor as an apprentice was really something. In that time, I learned tons of valuable skills that I could transfer into my own work as a certified heating, ventilation and air conditioning service technician. However, that experience also taught me about the absolutely insane demands that some customers will have for their contractors! The imagination of some of the clients we worked for was nothing short of incredible, as they asked us to perform feats of engineering that world-class mechanical engineers couldn’t pull off. One customer we had was a property manager for a small office building downtown. At first, they asked us to install radiant floor heating systems throughout the office space – nothing crazy, just coverage for the workspace where everyone had their desks. However, the demands started to spiral from there. They asked if we could install a boiler system for each floor, and have the radiant floor heating systems set to run on each floor – but still be controlled by a single thermostat on the top floor, which happened to be in the property manager’s office. Then, the property manager asked us to install “fake” smart thermostats on each floor, so the employees in the office thought they could actually adjust the thermostat settings to turn on the heating systems or turn them off completely. What was the point? Finally, the general contractors I worked for had enough, and the property manager said they would find a contracting team that could do what we claimed to be impossible. Sure, WE were the ones who were being unreasonable!

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