The fan is working great

It never did occur to me that many people in our country have no need for a/cs at all, until I moved out westward. I was provided with a job within a business that based itself on the west coast, and before I moved, I did my homework apartments, and I was luckily able to sign a lease before I even packed up my things. Of course, when I arrived, one of my first observations was that there wasn’t a temperature control to be found anywhere inside. After some troubleshooting, I placed a call to the rental office, only to find that air conditioners just aren’t a very regular thing to see in the region because it rarely gets all that hot to even need one. While that did make sense to me, life without a cooling system really wasn’t something that I had ever even imagined before. While the weather was admittedly pretty mild there most of the time, there were plenty of stiff nights when I deeply missed ability to turn on an air conditioner so that I could get some cool air pumping through vents in our rooms. Of course, after so long, I did adjust to the conditions of living there; when I was hot I would just turn on our fans or open up the windows, and while it was unusual, not having to run Heating plus A/C equipment absolutely saved me some bills to pay, so that is something that was indeed nice about the change! If I ever relocate again, however, I really will have to get used to paying a higher power bill. I’m not really sure which option I would prefer the most this point–the milder weather and cheaper utility bills, or having more control over the temperature in our home; though at the price of a higher cost of living. I suppose I had always just thought that air conditioners were the official standard now, however I quite suddenly got to realize that that just isn’t the case.

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