The farm HVAC equipment

When I was a kid, my dad moved us to a farm. The summers were scorching, and in the winter, it came pretty close to snowing. Money was tight for a while there, so when it got hot, we used box fans in the windows of our home, and in the winter, we would crawl under a pile of blankets to sleep. In the mornings, my dad would turn on the kerosene heater to thaw out the common spaces. Once we were settled, and the money situation got a little better, we were able to upgrade our air conditioning. I still remember the day the HVAC technician came out for the service appointment to install the heating and cooling unit. It was a pretty mild day in April, and my dad wanted to make sure that he scheduled the appointment before the air conditioner service got really busy. By the time May and June rolled around, it might have been almost a hundred degrees outside, but it was a cool and comfy seventy-six degrees in the house. I would get all sweaty outside, and then come in to sit right next to the cooling vents. In the winter, when it got cold, I would come home from school and do the same thing, only then it was warm air thanks to the heating system the HVAC technician installed. I’m older now and out on my own, but I will never forget the days living without air conditioning. I think about it every time I go to change the temperature on my thermostat.

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