The filter helping the smoking

Quitting smoking is genuinely the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. It has been numerous years since I last picked up a pack of smokes, and yet I still always think about doing it every single afternoon. There have been a number of times I have had a pack in my hands before talking myself down. Just walking past somebody who is smoking will trigger a weeks’ worth of cravings. It is a constant an ongoing struggle, which was not at all helped by moving into the current apartment I am in. The last renter had been a chain smoker, and while they were no longer there, the poor air quality still lingered. The air filter in the central Heating & A/C appliance was so plugged and black it looked sort of like a slab of gooey tar. Changing out that air filter helped somewhat, but the venue still reeked of nothing but cigarette smoke. I kept the a/c running regularly for the first few mornings, just trying to circulate the air enough to clean out all the remaining smoke particles. After a month or so, the air filters started to do their task and the apartment smelled marginally better. I still felt savor I could smell smoke, however I doubted myself; was this still an air quality problem, or was it purely psychological? If it was all in my head then no amount of ventilation, circulation, or air filtration was going to get rid of this smell. I need to invite someone else over, and get their opinion on my indoor air quality so I know how to proceed.

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