the fireplace looks like a good option

It never hurts to look for replacement parts before they are needed.  I don’t like having something break down, and not having the pieces around the fix it.  I know that my central heating and air conditioning are getting old. I would like to at least know what I am going to replace them with, before this happens.  I don’t want to be caught in the middle of winter without a furnace, because I didn’t do any previous legwork. That is what that would be, I would be lollygagging around and not doing my job.  My job is to keep my family warm. Knowing the furnace is old and finding a replacement before it is needed makes my job easier. I showed my wife the radiant heated flooring. I knew radiant heating was something she had always wanted.  Radiant heating was at the top of our list until we learned that you couldn’t have wall to wall carpeting if you had radiant heating. That went to the bottom of our list. We liked the idea of hydronic heating. Knowing the heat was being carried through water pipes and there was no need for ductwork, sounded really good.  We put the hydronic heating up to the top of our list. Next we talked about getting a fireplace. I don’t like gas fireplaces, because we both fear them emitting carbon monoxide. When we read that there were electric and oil fireplaces, we put the fireplace back on our list. We have more work to do, but we will whittle our list of possible heating systems, by the time we are ready for it.

radiant floors