The functions of a heater

I had never lived up north, so I had a lot of questions about how people keep warm.  I had always lived in the south, where we didn’t need to worry about heating. Air conditioning was our main concern.  I am now moving up north and I have so many questions about heating. My mother was born up north and she spent most of her childhood there.  I decided to talk to her about what kind of heating they had when it got really cold. She told me there were all kinds of heating systems and I could probably look them up online.  I found out that they had electric heating, just like we used during our short winter. There were gas furnaces and oil furnaces. I also heard about boilers and radiant heat. Boilers fascinated me.  It seemed to be a very efficient way to put heat into your home. With the boiler, there was one unit where the water was constantly being heated. As the water got to a certain temperature, either steam would go up the pipes, or hot water would go through the water pipes.  The pipes were connected to radiators that were located in every room. As the water cooled, it would be recirculated back into the boiler to be rewarmed. I also found out that a boiler is ideal if you radiant heated flooring in your home. This sounds very cozy to me. I can walk on a floor and never have to worry about cold feet.  I still have questions about what makes the boiler heat the water, but that is for another research session.

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