The Furnace Will Be On

It is the time of the year to have that necessary furnace tune-up.  I’ll call the HVAC company tomorrow to get on their HVAC preventive maintenance list.  It’s the smart thing to do when it comes to these old furnaces. We had some work done on the house during the summer, so the HVAC company came out to perform a ductwork cleaning.  The construction company blew extra insulation into our walls, and added new plaster and knockdown to the walls and ceilings. With that kind of interior work, we knew we would have to have the ductwork cleaned out.  The HVAC company actually found a few small tears in the air ducts, while they were cleaning them. The heating and cooling technician easily taped up the torn ductwork and moved on. I’m sure my indoor air quality has improved since that ductwork cleaning.  The A/C technician mentioned that when they returned, they should also switch out the old thermostat for a newer, smart thermostat. The new smart thermostat will better help regulate our preferred temperature control. Especially in those mornings when it actually got much colder than I had expected.  At those times, the smart thermostat will think for me. It will turn up the heat automatically so that we don’t wake up to a cold house! As well, the smart thermostat will reduce the heat for me automatically when the sun starts coming up and warms the house naturally.  Although when it comes to the winter season, that furnace will be on all day and night for a few months.