The hardest part of choosing a new air conditioning system is being sure

I think it can be a real challenge sometimes, just for me to settle and make a decision.

It could be something important like a new car or home appliance, but often times it’s something trivial.

I’m talking trivial, as in “which topping do I want on my pizza” trivial. Since I’m like that with the small decisions, I’m sure you can imagine just how crazy and indecisive I get over big decisions. Just the other day, I was faced with such a decision as I hit a milestone in my home renovations. The contractor told me that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning service specialists would be by the house later in the day. Why, you ask? They were coming to talk about my options for new heating and A/C systems! Once they arrived, they gave me so many options with air conditioning that we didn’t even get to cover the heating units! There was the conventional forced central air system, which I had previously and enjoyed for the most part. However, there were other options! My home is pretty small, so the HVAC technicians asked if I would be interested in a smaller unit that can provide heating and air conditioning in one system. That sounded amazing! That’s when they introduced me to the ductless mini-split system. This was made for convenience, as the ductless system is intended to provide the comforts of heating and cooling in a small package. It was perfect for my house, and I was ready to decide – until they showed me the evaporative cooling system. Then it was back to the drawing board!

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