The hardware store

Every morning before 5 AM, my neighbor and I open the local coffee shop. The shop serves a variety of flavors and numerous pastries. We are most famous for the the house cup of coffee and certain pastry. We are always usually very prompt with opening the store, but we had a major issue last week. We arrived to prep for opening and discovered the temperature inside was cold as ice. The heater was not working, and the temperatures outside were below twenty degrees. I could not feel my hands it was so cold and I refused to take off my sweater. We tried to do as much prep work as possible. Even after the coffee pots had been running awhile, the inside temperatures were only still fifty two degrees. I called the owner of the shop then to see if he could not call for repairs. There was no answer even after a number of calls. I finally just decided to keep the store closed. The temperatures were just not good for people to be in. I kept it closed to seven, when the sun came up and the store started to warm. At noon, the owner called in and I explained that the heat was not working and that we had opened late because of it. He finally called for repairs.

air and heat