The heat sensitive roommate

I have had it up to here with my roommate, a guest in my home who I never wanted to begin with! Now he is slowly taking over the place, making it into his home, and I think the time has come to ask him to leave. Initially he asked if he could stay for a few days while he found a new place. Then came a series of excuses about why he couldn’t find a good place to live, and those “few days” turned into a few weeks. Now I don’t think he plans on moving out at all, and this is not acceptable to me. He has even been changing the temperature settings on my thermostat, and this is simply the last straw for me. You don’t change another man’s HVAC settings without asking him first, this is just common courtesy. I like to keep it nice and warm here, so usually I run my furnace off and on throughout the year. During the winters I like to run the heating a little bit every evening, to keep the place nice and cozy through the night. This guy prefers the cold weather, and keeps shutting the furnace off without asking me first. Finally last night I told him to keep his mitts off my thermostat, and that I would decide when to run the heat and for how long. He got a little mad and said he was just trying to be comfortable, and I told him to go find his own place, so he can set the heating however he would like it.

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