The heater and ac machine

I have been working hard in the Heating and A/C industry for a long time and I am pretty good at my job because i have very positive buyer reviews over many years and I am never late to an appointment. I even have been awarded the “Heating and A/C repairman of the year” award from my company 4 times, even with all of these rewards and experience however, I still make a few mistakes every so often! Last month for example, I was out on an maintenance run putting in a brand new heating and cooling unit and I was almost wrapped up with the job in my own personal record time. As I stood up to grab a some tools, I slipped on the rug next to me and fell backwards into a very expensive table in their dining room! The expensive table ended up breaking and the owners of the home were so speechless. I apologize a ton and told them that I would supply them with a free check up on the Heating and A/C unit whenever they wanted it. They weren’t interested and just wanted me to get out of their house and to send another Heating and A/C repairman. They also peppered in a few cuss words, but I am going to leave those out. I followed the orders and just got right out of there. The repair was going so superb and I was on my way to some more  reviews, and then something crazy happens, I suppose that’s just how it goes as a Heating and A/C technician, you never know what’s going to happen!