The heater is very complicated

Each baseball season, I try to catch as many of my favorite team’s games whenever they play. Since they are from my hometown and not my current city, this isn’t always easy. There is a team here, thankfully. My team comes here a couple times a year on their schedule. I always get the better seats when they come to town so I can cheer for them. My friends heckle me for cheering for the opposing team, but I don’t mind. Just recently they were here in town and I was able to score great seats right behind their dugout. I was so excited to enjoy the game only a few feet from my favorite players. Since the seats were in the visitor section, they were even a better deal in price. The first pitch was thrown at four, and the temperature was up in the nineties. The skies started darkening, so I was hoping the rain would hold until at least late in the game. With all that heat, lightning started to strike near the field and they paused the game. They don’t play around when it comes to lightning, they will cancel a game quickly when it’s around. They said it was going to be a two hour delay, so I headed over to the bar next door. I was enjoying a beer and being in the air conditioning. It was still quite hot outside, so the A/C felt great. Not too long into the rain delay, the rain poured down on the field. I was staying comfortable and dry in the A/C. A couple hours went by and the rains cleared out so we could get back to the game.

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