The heating in the hotel was horrible

The last vacation I went on was with my mother and we went to a country known for being cold.

Due to this, we packed accordingly.

The two of brought thermal gear, thick coats and long pants. We prepared to be cold the whole trip. In a movie theater or grocery store during the summer the AC is cranked to the max. This is to make people comfortable. In reality the heavy AC after the heat outdoors is jarring and feels horrible. This was what my mother and I encountered on our trip. When were were outside hiking and sightseeing, it was cold. We dressed in thick gear and got used to freezing. In restaurants, bars and our hotel rooms, the heating systems were horrible. I swear the heating equipment was set to around 90 degrees. My mother and I had one hotel room that was heated so heavily that we tried to open the windows. The windows could only open about one inch. We were not prepared to sweat to death in the room. Anytime we went back to the hotel to plan or rest up, we had to peel all our layers off. The heater made it impossible to wear pants in the room. We had to sleep in our underwear and were dying in the night. The heating equipment was just set horribly. Really, since outside was freezing, anything slightly warmer would have been nice. The hotels could have saved money by hardly giving off heat and I would not have noticed. It was not a comfortable stay at all.